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Designing the best boats in the world, from idea to product.

Creative and engineering services with a solid track-record.

The Navia Approach


Design is about turning pioneering ideas into marketable, desirable products. We start by understanding your brand and the core values it represents.

Next, we help your team turn these values into tangible customer experiences for your clients by providing creative and engineering services every step of the way from insight to concept, design and naval architecture, engineering and production support.

Portfolio & Roadmap Strategy
Design DNA & Brand strategy
Customer Experience design
Concept Design

Exterior Design
Interior Design
Ergonomics & Usability
Colors, Materials, Finish (CMF)


We design and engineer for the ultimate performance at sea, using state-of-the-art hydrodynamics simulation tools to optimise and reach validated results.

We adapt to match your production requirements, helping your team reach the best possible performance at the yard, ensuring the resulting product meets the set targets for cost and lead-time of assembly.

Hull design
Performance & CFD
Structure & FEM
Construction optimisation (mold-split)

Component selection and Integration
Rule assessment
Certification documents
Mockup work & validation


We are involved and hands-on all the way from project start to finish, assisting with any testing, prototyping and validating needed to reach well-grounded results.

Our own methods and tools for quick validation of ideas include VR models and 1:1 scale models with in-house CNC milling, 3D printing for rapid prototyping, and clay modeling.

Documentation supporting project management
Prototyping, up to 1:1 scale
Sea trials

Certification booklets
Production support
Post-production activities


Our design process is shaped to support the product's full journey from idea to marketing & sales. Our service covers everything from branding and spatial design to CGI and immersive Virtual Reality experiences.

We are a part of Aivan, one of the biggest multi-disciplinary brand and design studios in the Nordics. Through Aivan, our full scope of services is at your project's disposal.

Branding & Graphics
Hi-res Computer-generated imagery
Virtual Reality experiences

Digital & Printed marketing collateral
Spatial design for boat shows
Showroom design

With us, you’re in safe hands

We help you take it from concept to fruition.

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