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Q Yachts

Enjoy the Electric Silence

Q Yachts was conceived with the clear vision of bringing an electric motorboat to the market, mimicking the experience of speed and silence of a performance sailing yacht. Thanks to the hydrodynamically optimised hull, the Q boats are incredibly energy efficient and produce minimal wake. The shape of the hull helps the boat glide smoothly in the water, creating an amazingly pleasant driving experience where the journey itself truly becomes the destination.

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The stunning design of the Q30 offers the boater a holistic and harmonious user experience. The minimalist but recognisable style is beautifully elegant.

The spacious and luminous cabin makes the boat a great fit for over night stays, creating a complete boating experience and allowing you to truly relax onboard. Thanks to the hydrodynamically optimized hull, the boat produces minimal noise, wake and zero emissions. Q30 hull has vinylester and unidirectional glass fibre skin with foam core above and below waterline. Laminated using resin infusion process.

The fundamental idea was to build boats that are easy to own and effortless to use. This has been achieved by an industry leading electric propulsion system and functional design.